Now You Can Subscribe to Your Safety Insurance.

We are here to detect accidents using our sensors by installing it in your vehicle which intelligently works to communicate accidents and thefts along with absolute freedom from the fear of your two wheeler falling as it sends an emergency notification with your location to your pre selected emergency contacts in case of accidental impacts detected. This allowing your contacts & our team to send help as soon as possible to rescue.

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About ClaimOnGo

Freedom From Fear of Emergency Help After Accident Event

We are a platform that helps insurance and fleet management companies to optimize the claims management process through video-photographic inspections and damage estimations, made by a community of thousands of experts in real time on ground with basic medical aid and rescue capability on demand.

Our Technology Support

Automotive Activity Tracking App

ClaimOnGo has developed smart phone app as dedicated services for the automotive industry with cutting edge Internet Connected Sensors Technology Integration and an App help users to keep track of their automotives with location tracking facility & also know thier activities.


Ensuring Safety and Claim Easing

Underwriting Inspections

The underwriting inspection allows the evaluation of a vehicle’s status, or of entire fleets, before stipulating a policy, with objective of reducing the risk of fraud.

Claims Management

ClaimOnGo Helps insurance companies to diminish time needed for claims management, reducing the number of steps, resulting in a streamlined process.

Inspections in Real Time

In the case of a crash, an ClaimOnGo Agent will arrive at the place of the accident within 20 minutes, in order to support the insured with basic medical aid if needed and help document the state of the accident on the go.

Different Auto Risks

ClaimOnGo offers dedicated solutions for damage evaluation beyond legally mandated insurance, such as fire, theft, accidental breakdowns, vandalism, or atmospheric events.


ClaimOnGo verifies the adequacy of repairs in order to ensure the correctness of work carried out, and issues certified authorization.

Social Safety Contribution

Provides a public on accident training to help accident victims and save lives to create trust and socially safety.

Our Product & Services

Safety Insurance in InsurTech Services

Saving you from all the tedious paperwork and claims, also by keeping you safe in ClaimOnGo's accident rescue safety net network.

Accident Detection and Alert

Experience absolute freedom from fear of fall. Installed on your vehicle, ClaimOnGo device intelligently works to communicate accidental event and alerts 3 emergency contacts in just few seconds.

Anti-Theft Detection and Alert

Know if someone tries to turn on the vehicle without authorization. In case rider missed the alert, stolen vehicle can still be tracked live from smart mobile app which comes along with device.

Fall Detection and Alert

When the motorbike is parked and experiences a static fall, ClaimOnGo device initiates alert and notification is sent to owner's registered mobile number.